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ExNihilo Engin spécification

ExNihilo engine is new technology based on multi manager system.
All managers are run by the ExNihilo Kernel.
Each Manager has is own function and can be replaced easily by a new version.

Manager Consol:
Like classic fps engine this manager gives you command line interface to the engine.
List of command, TAB completion for command, shortcut…

Manager Input Command:
This manager intercepts all input commands from the computer. Keyboard, mouse, joystick… 2 API are currently supported Direct Input and SDL.

Manager Control:
This manager is layer upside the Manager Input. With this manager you can give a function

or a message ton each type of input.
For example: .

When you press ESC a quit message is send to the kernel.

Manager Final Render:

Manager Fog:
Simple fog and volumetric fog.

Manager ID:
Each object has is own unique id given by this manager.

Manager Load:
Load all file for engine.
Load short program written in ExNihilo engine language.
Load set of file for scene, demo….

Manager Network:
Networking manager.

Manager Output:
This manager calls all other manager for the render process.

Manager Physics:
This manager checks and applies physique laws.

Manager PVS:
Potential visible Set. For optimize render.

Manager Render API:
Currently WIN32 or SDL is available.

The next lists of manager are manager for object.

Manager Action Area:
Some area can launch some action, script, program…

Manager Animation:
To anime some object for script or demo…

Manager Camera:
Engine can have lot of camera. There are currently 4 types of cam.
Free flight.
First person.
Target .
Third person.

Manager CG:
To use some CG shader form nvidia.

Manager Entity:
Entities are all non static object in engine. Represented by a mesh object

Manager Font:
Font loading

Manager Gizmo:
Gizmo are used for collision, area …

Manager GlShader:
To use GlSh shader.

Manager Interface:
Interface for application.

Manager Light:
To manage real light and simulated light.

Manager Loading screen:
To display some screen between loading.

Manager Map:
ExNihilo has is own map format.

Manager Material:
ExNihilo use material for mapping. Material can be some texture, video, shader…

Manager Mesh:
Meshes are model resource like 3ds, md2, ASE, ASC…

Manager Object Path:
Each object has is own resource folders.

Manager Particle Engine:
Multiple particle engine can be added.

Manager Shader:
Simple shader.

Manager Sky:
3 type of sky are available.
Sky box
Sky dome
Sky plane

Manager Sound:
Manager sound use OpenAl to play sound.

Manager Sound Area:
Some area in engine can play sound.

Manager Sprite:
For 2D sprites

Manager Texture:
To load texture from file , bmp, jpg, tga , pcx ,ppm…

Manager Time:
Timer objects.

Manager Video:
To display some video or transform some video in texture.

Manager Window GUI:
Full GUI tool for engine, Window management, button combo box…